User Guide

How to use?

OAM can be used with a web browser. Simply search by location to find imagery available in a given area of interest. Each area can be selected to view available imagery as well as details about each image.

The OAM search interface focuses on two main core functions:

  1. Searching by location and metadata
  2. Using available imagery

OAM can be used within any modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE 10+). Older versions of Internet Explorer may have limited functionality and are not fully supported.

Searching by location

When first visiting the application, initial search can be accomplished by typing the location of an area into the search box or selecting the Browse Latest Imagery button. Browse Latest Imagery will take you to the most recently collected imagery available in the catalog.

Filtering searches

Use the filter button in the upper left of the application to filter available imagery by time, resolution, and data type.

Using imagery in iD or JOSM

When an image has been found and has an available map layer, you can use the dropdown menu to open the map layer up in an OpenStreetMap editor like iD or JOSM.

Downloading imagery

Use the Download button to download the raw imagery. File size is list in the additional metadata information below the image preview in the sidebar.