Contributors Group

Contributor Components


Components that allow a contributor to add data to the system through an upload form. The data is added to the HOTOSM imagery bucket. Contributors with a large amount of imagery should consider setting up their own imagery bucket within the OIN network.

OAM Uploader

A web form that a contributor can use to add datasets to OpenAerialMap. This form requires an access token for authorization, which can be requested from an OpenAerialMap team member. It also includes a status page to view the status of a specific upload process.

OAM Uploader Admin

A web application that the OpenAerialMap staff uses to manage API tokens.

OAM Uploader API

The OAM Uploader API is built using two sub-components. The worker processes uploaded imagery and pushes to an imagery bucket. The API receives form data and manages authorization tokens.

API subcomponent

Written in NodeJS

  • Manages access tokens and authentication
  • Receives imagery data (via remote url or file upload). This data is then stored in a database (MongoDB) as jobs to be later processed by the worker.

Worker subcomponent

Written in NodeJS

  • Processes the jobs from the database. This is an asynchronous process that happens periodically.
  • Generates final TIF images and metadata (following the Open Imagery Network specification) and uploads them to the HOTOSM OIN imagery bucket.